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Barking Mad Clothing online dog supplies is pleased to offer everything you need to pamper your dog,
from dog coats, trouser suits, dog beds to dog accessories. We are pleased to offer many quality UK manufactured
dog products with online discounts; bulk orders are welcome, happy shopping.

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Pet Products made in the UK
Water Resistant
Dog Beds
Waterproof Dog Bed
Pet Products made in the UK
Dog Beds from £20.20
10% off RRP Ideal for the car or outside
Waterproof Dog Beds
Pet Products made in the UK
Dog Trouser Suits
from £13.57

Great for
wet weather
Dog Beds Dog Beds
01604 518843

Dog Bandana
Waterproof Dog Coats
from £9.99
8-38" +

Can be made to measure, Hi-Vis & Camouflage Dog Coats
Pet Products made in the UK
Pet Products made in the UK
Fleece Dog Coat Available in Lilac, Red, Navy & Stripes
from £9.99
Fleece Coats UK
Pet Products made in the UK
Step in Style Dog Coat with Chest protector,
Available in Red
& Navy
from £9.61
Step in Style
FREE DELIVERYDog Bandana, Cartoon Bandana
Step in Dog Coats

Pet Products made in the UK
Greyhound waterproof Dog Coats
Available in a variety of colours
from £13.90
Pet Products made in the UK
Camouflage waterproof Dog Coat from £9.99
Warm &

8-38" +
Can be made to measure
Pet Products made in the UK
Eddie Barker Wax
Dog Coat
from £9.55

from £5.99
Camouflage Coats

Whether you are looking for a new dog coat, bed, clothing or birthday gift for your dog we hope you will be able to find something which wil suit your dogs needs. We are pleased to offer a wide variety of dog supplies suitable for almost all breeds. We at Barking Mad Clothing are pleased to offer a made to measure service for all breeds from the tiny little Terrier, Dachshund, Staffy bull dog breeds to the extra large breeds such as Great Danes, Newfoundlands and Mastiff.
We offer great online discounts on many of our pet supplies and bulk order discount are often available. We at Barking Mad Clothing are happy to offer guidance and advice either online or via telephone on our extensive product range which we are always looking to extend. If you have any comments on our site or products please do not hesitate to contact us, we are always happy to assist.
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Dog Grooming
| Pet Friendly Accommodation | Vet Advice | Pet Art Work | Dog Kennels | Catteries | Vet Organisations
Lost & Found | Dog Obedience & Dog Training | Equestrian | Dog Breeds & Information | Animal Charities & Rescue Centres | Dog Walking | Pet Insurance & Northampton Pet Links

Made in the UK

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" When your pet is wearing our Unique ID Tag you can be sure that they'll have every opportunity to be returned home quickly and safely. We have been reuniting lost pets all over the UK with their owners for over 6 years and have maintained an outstanding 80% success rate."
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Dog Bandanas for all dog breeds
Dog Bandanas for all dog breeds
Red Fleece Dog Coat
Red Tartan Waterproof Dog Coat
Dog Bandanas
Waterproof Dog Coats
Don't forget if you have a large dog breed we have plenty of coats in stock
or can
make to measure
in any colour
Red Tartan Waterproof
Dog Coat
NEW Dog Products at Barking Mad Clothing
We are pleased to offer an extensive range of pet products from the tiny dog coat to the large water resistant dog bed. Many of our products are are manufactured within the UK We have reciently added to our range pf products which include Ferplast Brush, Treats and Dog Bandanas
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