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Dog Safety

As with any Dog Clothing item or Accessory we always recommend some basic guidelines to assist with the comfort of your four legged friend.  Your pooch is the priority in wearing any accessory.  On all occasions they must be comfortable and safe wether they are wearing a clothing item such as a coat or a neck related product.  You are solely responsible for the safety of your dog.

  • When fitting the bandana please ensure that the bandana is safely and comfortably fitted so that it does not restrict the dog’s breathing or movement. Allow plenty of room around your dogs neck for comfort.

  • For your dog’s safety we recommend that you do not leave your pet unattended or allow it off lead outside whilst wearing a bandana. Please ensure your dog is supervised at all times whilst wearing a bandana. If the bandana becomes damaged please discontinue use. Keep scarves away from naked flames.

  • When wearing any other clothing product such as coat simular guidelines should follow.  Allow the dog to move freely without restriction.  The coats or clothing items are they to assist with comfort and not restrict the pet in any form.  Do not allow near naked flames or to be unsupervised


Barking Mad Clothing accept no liability for any loss or injury caused to your dog by the use of any of our products.

Be safe!

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