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Dog Bandana Size Guide

Looking to buy dog products by British businesses? You have come to the right place. We offer a fantastic range of some of the best UK Dog Accessories and Products all handmade in the UK.  We are proud to fly the flag from small British independent business.  We have a detailed breakdown of our Size Chart and Guide for our Dog Bandanas and Clothing Collection.  If you are looking for a Dog neck clothing range we have a great collection available from the side on the collar to the tie style design.  Check out below the guide and then let's go shopping.   If you are looking to shop for a Dog Coat then why not check out our Guide Chart or if you have a breed such as a Dachshund or Great Dane then check out the Made to Measure Guide?

Tie Style Dog Bandana Measurements

Tie Style Bandana Guide


Advice Note:

We offer our dog bandanas in a wide range of sizes. The guide should only be used as a guide as all dog breeds vary within breeds, we therfore would always recommend you measureing the dogs neck and always allow enough to tie around the dogs neck.


Please remember any safety precautions as you would with any items around animal and human necks


As a guide to fitting you simply roll your dog bandana and tie around their neck

Allow plenty of scarf to allow to tie

If you are unsure we usually recommend ordering the larger size to allow plenty of room

Approximate Guide for Maximum collar size when ordering the neckerchief design:

  • Small Bandana: Maximum collar to allow to tie is 10 1/2" / 26.5cm

  • Medium Bandana: Maximum collar to allow to tie is 14" / 36cm

  • Large Bandana:  Maximum collar to allow to tie is 21" / 53.5cm

  • Extra Large Bandana: Maximum collar to allow to tie 29" / 74cm


Small Bandana: Breed Guide:

Toy dog breeds such as Chihuahua etc

Medium Bandana: Breed Guide:

Yorkshire Terriers, Small Westies,

Small Pugs

Large Bandana: Breed Guide: 

Cocker Spaniels, Labradors, Boxers, Staffy Dogs

Extra Large Bandana: Breed Guide:

Almost any Large or Extra Large Breed such as Great Danes, Leonburger etc

Advice Note:

To fit your dogs bandana you simply roll to suit the size of your dogs neck.   If possible we would recommed ordering a larger size bandana as you can always roll to fit your dog.

Collar Dog Bandana Measurements

Collar Bandana Guide


We have a Dog Bandana Size Chart for the five sizes of the collar Dog bandanas.   These designs are reversible and double sided.  Each size is a rough guide relating to the the breed and collar size

A small example of the slide on the collar bandanas and a rough guide to assist you with you shop order


Fits upto a 3cm width collar and the approximate width of the bandana is 15cm

Dog Breed Guide:

Small Dog Breeds such as  Pekingese, Cairn Terrier, Small Dachshund, Small Pugs, Jack Russell etc


Fits upto a 3.5cm width collar and the approximate width of the bandana is 20cm

Dog Breed Guide:

Beagle, Spaniel (Cocker and Kind Charles), Standard Poodle etc


Fits upto a 4.5cm width collar and the approximate width of the bandana is 28cm

Dog Breed Guide:

Labrador, Retrievers, Collie, Boxer, Dalmatian, Doberman etc

X Large:

Fits upto a 6cm width collar and the approximate width of the bandana is 32cm

Dog Breed Guide:

XL Dog Breeds such as Leonberger, English Bastiff, New Foundland, Great Dane, German Shepherd etc

Are you looking for a Size Measurement Guide for our other Dog Accessories?  

Check out below and jump straight onto the appropriate page, then lets go shopping

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