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Made to Measure Dog Coat

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes and we'd love every dog to benefit from their very own bespoke coat.  If your dog doesn't fit into our standard sizes then Made To Measures are the answer for you.  We offer this specialist service to help ensure a good fitting jacket.


We offer our Made to Measure Bespoke Service on our Waterproof Warmer Style Coats and the Country Classic as shown below.  We have a range of colours to choose from and a range of services you can add onto the service.

Which breeds would benefit from this specific service?

Almost any breed would look great in one of our Waterproof Warmer Coats, however, breeds such as Pugs and Bulldogs, Dachshunds, Teacups and Westies would look very stylish.  Oh, do not forget these large breeds such as Great Danes, German Shepherds and Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

How do I order the Coat?

1. Choose your Coat Design

Made to Measure UK Dog Coats, Bespoke UK Dog Coats, Dog Clothing UK

Have a look at the designs available and select the colour and design you require.  Currently you can choose from the Waterproof Warmer Style or The Country Classic.  

English Bull Dog Wearing a Country Dog Coat

Country Classic Coat

Dog Coats, Made to measure dog coats, bespoke dog coats UK
Chihuahua Dog Wearing a Pink Coat
Bulldog wearing a Red Tartan Coat

Waterproof Warmer Styles

The Country Classic Waterproof Coat available in the Made to Measure Collection

Part of our Buy British Range and flying the flag for supporting Small Independent Businesses


The Waterproof Warmer Coat available in the Made to Measure Collection

Part of our Buy British Range and available in a wide range of colours.  Some colours may be limited.

Please note that the Red Tartan Coat is only available in a Maximum length of 20" / 50cm

Now you have chosen the design and colour check out the added options available and then complete the simple online request form.  Once we receive the form with all the details required we can quote you for the Made to Measure Coat option

2. Choose your Extras

Have a look at the optional extras available and if required select these on the Enquiry form 

Standard Belly Strap Clip Fastening have a strong clip release at the middle

A:  Clip Fastening Options at the front:

The Front Fastening comes as standard with velcro or you can exchange this for the Clip release as shown

Example of the strong velcro fastening at the front of the waterproof warmer dog coats which comes as standard. 

Example of the strong clip which comes as standard on the belly strap of all of our waterproof warmer dog coats

Or the front velcro could be exchange for a clip fastening

Belly Strap clip comes as standard

Made to Measure Clip Fastening



B:  Reflective Strip Options:

Do you require the Hi Vis Reflective Strips?  These will be added on both sides at the coat on the rear quarters as shown

Safety Dog Coat with Hi Vis Strips

This is an example of our current lighter lining available.  Colours and style may vary.

The lighter lining is more suitable for the darker outer colours, however, we will advise this on making your enquiry

C:  Lining Options

Do you have a large dog or a dog that feels the heat?  If so, then tho option of a lighter lining might be a good option.  This option may be limited however, we will do our best to assist you

Made to Measure Dog Coat, Light Lining, Bespoke Dog Coats, Bull Dogs, Staffy, Great Danes, UK Pet Supplies

D:  Do you Require a Harness Access?

If you require a Harness Access hole then we would need to know the measurements as to how far down the dogs coat you require the access.

The standard access hole is from top to bottom, ie from the top of the coat to the rear of the coat.  If you require the access going across the coat then please let us know


Now, all you have to do is measure your Dog

Dog Coat Size Chart, How to Measure
  • Measure the Collar of your Dog.  Measure from where the collar usually sits

  • Measure the collar circumference. This is usually the deepest part of the chest

  • Measure the length of the coat.  Measure from the base of the collar to how far the coat is required down the length of the dogs back, this is usually before the base of the tail.

Advice Note:

Please do not over measure the length of your dogs coat. 

If you add on extra length you may find that the belly strap will not fit in the correct place on the dogs coat

3. How to Measure your Dog Coat

4. How to Order

Complete the contact form below with:

  • The Length, Collar and Chest sizes required

  • The Colour of Coat Required

  • What Dog Breed the Coat is for

  • Harness access hole Yes / No.  Dont forget to supply the distance you require the access on the dogs coat.  

  • Reflective Strips Yes / No

  • Standard Velcro at the front or Clip Release?

Once we have all the requirements above we can quote you for a Made to Measure Dog Coat.

We think you will be pleasantly surprised, drop us an email and we can quote you

How much will my Made to Measure Dog Coat Cost?

5. FAQ's
How much will the made to measure coat cost?

The cost will depend on the size of the coat, what extras are required and the depth required on the coat.

How long will my coat take to arrive?

As soon as we receive payment from you we will place the order with our seamstress and we usually estimate between 5- 7  working days before dispatch from us.  

We also recommend ordering as soon as possible with us as times may vary depending on order basis.  On ordering we will advise of approximate dispatch times

Advice Note

We will be making all Made to measure dog coats to order.  Therfore, you will not be able to have an exchange or refund on your order if you supply the incorrect sizes. We therfore recommend to double check all measurements supplied, thank you

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