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Dog Coat Size Guide

We have a comprehensive Dog Coat Size Guide from our Waterproof Jackets, Chest Protector Coats to Dog Trouser Suits.  Each Guide offers detail instructions on how to measure for your pooches clothing range.  So, lets take a look as to how to Size your Dog Coat

Dog Coat Size Chart

We offer a comprehensive size guide for our dog coats and dog bandanas.  If you are unsure how to measure for either your dog coat or dog bandana please drop us an email

Size Chart and Size Guide

How to Measure for your Dog Coat

1. Measure your dogs back length.  Measure from the base of your dogs collar to how far you would like the coat to go down the dogs back.  This is usually just before the tail joins the body.


2. Measure the dogs collar circumference


3. Measure your dogs chest circumference measurement at the widest point




The length measurement of the dog coat is usually sufficient when ordering a coat.  However, if you are ordering a dog coat for dog breeds such as staffie, Bull dog, Pug, Great Dane etc we would recommend a Made to Measure Bespoke dog coat as this will help ensure a good fit of the coat on the dog.

Advice Note:

Please do not over measure the length of your dogs coat. If you add on extra length you may find that the belly strap will not fit in the correct place on the dogs coat

Advice Note:

We advise to measure from the base of the collar along the dogs back to just before the tail joins the body.  Please do not over measure the the length of the dogs back.  If the coat is too long the belly strap will not sit in the correct place and the coat may hang over onto the dogs tail.

  • Length: The length of the coat from the base of the collar along the spine of the dog until just before the base of the tail.

  • Chest Circumference: The circumference around the dogs chest at the widest point, usually near to the front legs

  • Collar Circumference: The circumference around the dogs neck, the collar or neck size


  • To Measure the Length of the Coat:

Measure from the nape of dog’s neck where their collar sits to just before the base of their tail. When you do this, make sure that your dog is standing straight and try to prevent them from moving around too much or it could lead to an inaccurate reading. You will find if you over measure the belly strap of the coat / jacket will not sit in the correct place.

  • To Measure the Collar of the Coat:

Measuring around your dog’s neck is as easy as putting their collar on.  Just measure around their neck, leaving the same gap as you would leave for their actual collars.  Many of the coats are adjustable and this adds a little flexibility for the coat.

  • To Measure the Chest of the Coat:

For your dog’s chest, measure their girth just behind their front legs as shown in the diagram.  

For many of the standard dog coats online the measurement required is usually the length of the coat, ie that is the size that is listed when you click on the online size.  If however, your dog is deep chested, a little odd size or in general not a standard fit we would always recommend a Made to Measure option.  This will allow your dog to have a perfect fitting jacket suitable for light rain or heavy winter wear

Dog Trouser Suit Size Chart

To Measure for the Dog Trouser Suits:


The main measurement that you see online is the LENGTH of the DOG SUIT, ie 20" / 50cm.  To measure the length of the suit you need to measure at the base of your dogs neck along the spine of your dog to just before the tail joins the body.


We have details of the chest and leg measurement list below to help ensure a good fit





Standard length suits available in Navy & Red

Short Leg Suits available in Black

Advice Note:


Do not over measure the length of the dog trouser suit.  If the suit is too long on the dog you may find that the dog tries to step out of the suit.


We have listed below the additional measurements available to help ensure a good fit on your dog.

Advice Note:


All dog suits are suitable for male and female dogs and dogs are able to 'goto the toilet' (both) without having to take the suit off the dog

Advice Note:


The main measurement for all dog suits is the length of the dog suit.  These are the measurements that you see online when ordering

Dog Trouser Suit Measurements

Dog Trouser Suit Measurements

Dog Trouser Suit Measurements

dog Trouser Suits, Dog Suit Measurements, All in One Dog Suits








Standard Length Suits

Dog Trouser Suits, Dog Suit, Dog Suits, UK Dog Clothing
Dog Trouser Suits, Dog Suit, Dog Suits, UK Dog Clothing

Short leg Length Suits

Length              Chest                Front Legs               Rear Legs

10" / 25cm      14" / 35.5cm        3" / 7.5cm                 3" / 7.5cm

12" / 30cm      16" / 40.5cm        3 1/2" / 9cm             4" / 10cm

14" / 35cm      20" / 51cm           4 1/2" / 11.5cm      4 1/2" / 11.5cm

16" / 40cm      23" / 60cm          5 1/2" / 14cm        5 1/2" / 14cm

18" / 45cm      26" / 66cm          6 1/2" / 16.5cm    6 1/2" / 16.5cm

20" / 50cm     

Advice Note:


All measurements are measured when the coats are flat and therefore there may be slight variations on each size.  The dog trouser suit cuff colours may occassionally vary.

Dog Trouser Suits UK, All Dog Breeds UK Dog Trouser Suits
Dog Trouser Suit Short Leg
Dog Trouser Suits, Short legs UK

Chest Protector Dog Coat Measurements

Chest Protector Measurements

Length of the Coat

Chest Circumference

13" / 34cm


16" / 40cm

20" / 51cm

21" / 53cm

22" / 57cm

23" / 58cm

24" / 62cm

28" / 71cm

30" / 76cm

31" / 79cm

33" / 85cm

36" / 91cm

8" / 20cm


10" / 25cm


12" / 30cm


14" / 35cm


16" / 40cm


18" / 45cm


20" / 50cm


22" / 55cm


24"/ 60cm

26"/ 65cm

28" / 70cm

30" / 75cm

Chest Protector Dog Coats, Dog Clothing UK

Advice Note:

  • The measurements supplied are the measurements when the coats are flat.  

  • All measurements are approximate and may vary slightly from coat to coat.

  • Fleece coats will give a little due to the nature of the fleece material

Dog_Chest_protector Coat.jpg

Are you looking for a Size Measurement Guide for our other Dog Accessories?  

Check out below and jump straight onto the appropriate page, then lets go shopping

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