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Tartan Dog Coats

We are pleased to be able to offer a range of Tartan Dog Coats all handmade in the Uk and part of the Buy British Range. These beautifully handcrafted waterproof dog coats are ideal for the smaller breeds and available upto a 20" / 50cm in length.  We are also able to offer this style jacket in a Bespoke Made to Measure option.  In addition to these lovely waterproof Tartan coats we also have a fantastic Tartan Collection of accessories and products, all handmade by us at Barking Mad Clothing in the UK

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We have a great online selection that we have handpicked for you, let's go and shop for some of the best value Pet Clothing Accessories online. Our online selection is a perfect accessories for your dogs summer clothing wardrobe, let's go shopping.

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