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Extra Large Dog Coat \ XL Dog Coat

A fantastic range of dog products and accessories made in Britain by Barking Mad Clothing.  Many of our Large and Extra Large Dog Coats are handmade by our artisans.  If you have one of those lovely large breeds such as Great Dane, German Shepherd, Rottweiler or perhaps a Bullmastiff then we may have a coat suitable for them.  If you find that our standard size jackets are not suitable we have a fantastic range of coats and jackets available in our Made to Measure Range.  We find this is usually a more suitable option for pooches that have a deep chest or particular large breeds.

If you have a Large or Extra Large Breed such as a Great Dane, BullMastiff, German Shepherd or even a pooch that has a shape of a deep chest such as Bull Dog Breeds,  English Bull Terrier, French Bulldog or Dachshund then we specialise in hand making jackets for these breeds in our Made to Measure Bespoke Jacket collection.

  • We offer a wide selection of Extra Large Dog Coats for all breeds.  We can offer additional sizes on the Waterproof Warmer Coats and can add sizes from 30"/ 75cm in length upwards. 

  • If you require this service check out the Made to Measure option online or contact us direct and we can quote you on a made to measure service.  

  • We can supply these Extra large dog coats in a range of designs and colours.  If you are looking for inspiration then why not check out the Bespoke Collection and see if any colours and designs take you fancy

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